Networking & Events

OR Business Management Conference is the perfect forum for fostering meaningful interaction. Between scheduled networking breaks and off-the-clock events, there’s no shortage of opportunity to make new connections or reunite with colleagues and friends.

From sharing tales of triumph to exchanging strategies for navigating the ever-changing currents of perioperative services, we have you covered.

Join us for the Welcome Reception, held on the first evening of the conference, to meet fellow perioperative business leaders who are looking for solutions to daily challenges just like you! Your new peers have likely experienced similar issues, and can offer suggestions to come out on top. Plus, who doesn’t love an opportunity to kick back, relax, and have a bit of fun?!

All attendees are invited to come at no additional cost.

For some added fun outside the resort, you can add a ticket for the off-the-clock excursion to….Stay tuned! We’ll share more information as soon as we are able.
In previous years, we’ve competed at pickleball, strolled the streets of Savannah looking for ghosts, tasted wine in San Antonio, and went sailing in San Diego. Any idea what we’ll do this year? Check back soon to see.

*Separate ticket required.