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It is our vision that the use of Intraoperative Neuromonitoring will become the standard of care for all surgeries that entail a risk of neurological compromise. At Accurate Neuromonitoring, we know there is inherent risk during surgery. We partner with surgeons and hospitals to safeguard the patient by monitoring the nervous system, protecting against damage to the body, so every patient can enjoy life with the best possible outcome.
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Advantus Health Partners is a health care solutions company that makes supply chain easier for its clients through streamlined supply chain management, organizational purchasing, operations and cost-savings efficiencies. With innovation at the forefront, and an advanced operational model, Advantus provides a portfolio of solutions to further drive value beyond contracting, all with the singular goal of reducing health care costs across the U.S. Advantus is committed to helping organizations meet business goals through its distinct solutions.
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At Allergan Aesthetics, we believe in the remarkable impact confidence can have on the lives, businesses, and careers of those we serve through our history as a company built on patient care, education and support of our customers, and our commitment to putting the patients we serve first.
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Apella is a health technology company that makes operating rooms work better, so that perioperative teams spend less time dealing with logistics and more time caring for patients. Powered by ambient sensor technology and AI, Apella provides real-time insights to analyze the past, manage the present, and plan the future.
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Avant-garde Health helps hospitals and ASCs to reduce costs, increase profitability, and optimize coding and billing. With Avant-garde, surgeons and administrators have the details needed to see hidden opportunities for improvement. Benchmarking with peer organizations helps identify opportunities with the most potential for financial, operational and performance improvements.
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Through collaboration and innovation, Boston Scientific is the preferred urology clinical and business partner that offers comprehensive breadth and depth of knowledge and products.
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Chiefy is a digital-huddle cloud software that helps surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other surgical stakeholders easily get on the same page and continuously align before surgeries. The result is a dramatic improvement in perioperative quality, efficiency and patient safety
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Copient Health helps hospitals uncover hidden revenue, improve OR access for surgeons and patients, and navigate the dynamic business of operating room utilization by leveraging machine learning to optimize OR block time based on the facility's financial goals and surgeons' attributes, schedules, and preferences.
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Stop by the booth for a demo of the integrated software in Epic's OR tool belt. See how systems built around a single patient record can optimize block utilization with AI, give surgeons a marketplace for finding OR time, and engage patients with integrated communication. www.epic.com
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Fujitsu is transforming perioperative planning and patient scheduling to deliver performance increases for hospitals. Using mathematical optimization, quantum-inspired technology, and the know-how of perioperative leaders, we will optimize OR capacity.
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Getinge is a global provider of innovative solutions for operating rooms, intensive care units, sterilization departments and for life science companies and institutions. Based on our firsthand experience and close partnerships with clinical experts, healthcare professionals and medtech specialists, we are improving the everyday life for people - today and tomorrow.
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Haskell's Advisory Services identifies innovative and implementable strategic and operational initiatives to optimize processes and reduce costs. Haskell's proprietary data visualizations assist perioperative leaders in real-world problem solving and improvements.
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HealthNautica's eORders™ is a comprehensive solution for managing entire perioperative process. Process begins by the physician's office filling out an online surgery booking form. The completed form is electronically submitted to the hospital's scheduling department for scheduling. Edits to the request are tracked and highlighted for easy identification.eORders™ helps your hospital grow surgical volumes, decrease 24-hour cancellation rate, eliminate denials, improve patient safety and physician satisfaction.
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HealthTrust (www.healthtrustpg.com) is committed to strengthening provider performance and clinical excellence through total spend management solutions that leverage our operator experience, scale and innovation.
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LeanTaaS's iQueue for Operating Rooms uses lean principles and predictive analytics to match surgeons' variable and sometimes unpredictable demand for operating room time with the supply of often constrained resources such as robots, staff and anesthesia. Partnering with our customers, we have delivered strong ROIs, and sustainable results including a 6%+increase in primetime utilization, $500k per OR per year in increased revenue.
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Leap Rail offers a suite of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics powered products that help OR managers improve efficiency in their operating suites. By highlighting insights in your existing data, our platform helps you achieve better patient access, higher suite utilization, lower excess staffing costs, and improved physician engagement.
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LiveData, Inc. provides data-driven surgical care solutions that help perioperative teams optimize operating room performance, increase staff satisfaction, improve communications, and enhance patient safety.
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With 400+ subscribers, McKesson's OR Benchmark Collaborative™ empowers healthcare organizations with business intelligence to drive continuous performance improvements throughout the OR. This vendor-neutral, Web-based service features 20 indicators focusing on capacity and quality, and offers relative peer comparisons. Executive coaching correlates desired outcomes with data planning, sourcing, mining and application.
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Medaxion solutions deliver comprehensive, accurate case and drug data directly to your teams: clinical, revenue cycle management, pharmacy, and executive. As information moves from the OR, we surface activity and provide rich performance analysis. With Medaxion, you can see what's actually happening in your ORs and enhance productivity.
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Located in Beverly Mass, Microline Surgical develops and manufactures high-precision open and laparoscopic surgical instruments that enable surgeons across the globe to perform highly complex procedures with fewer complications, lower costs & better patient outcomes. Microline's unique reposable platform can minimize the environmental impact and potentially reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your surgical tray sets.
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Travel Staffing, Consulting, and Interim Leadership for Sterile Processing and Perioperative Services. We improve quality and productivity in Perioperative and Sterile Processing Departments nationwide by providing hospitals with highly experienced resources for Staffing, Interim Management, Training, and Consulting.
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Movemedical is the world's leading software solution for enterprise medical device field inventory optimization and sales enablement. We're the industry authority on integration and automation: our comprehensive platform helps our partners with digital transformation of their inventory supply chains. This intelligent cloud platform has been successfully integrated into over 20 enterprise ERPs and coordinated over 13 million surgeries worldwide.
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The Total Solution optimizes surgical workflow and improves medical device sterilization, organization and transportation by combining three cutting-edge components: the ONE TRAY® sealed sterilization container, the EZ-TRAX™ modular instrument organizational tray, and the ONE CART™ sealed case cart. By utilizing ONE TRAY® and EZ-TRAX™, you can increase the number of surgeries performed per day, optimize tray utilization, and prevent cancellations or delays. Whether you're moving within your healthcare facility or sending trays for offsite sterilization, ONE CART® ensures space saving, secure, and convenient transportation.
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OpenSurg reduces costly delays/cancellations ensuring seamless surgical throughput using a novel application providing your peri-operative team with immediate access to critical tools to handle patients with active implantable medical devices. Ask how an established level one facility achieved a $1.9 million annual savings. Visit Booth 28 to determine your ROI.
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Opmed.AI is a software-based start-up company that offers a SaaS solution to healthcare organizations in the operational environment. Our platform is based on artificial intelligence and network science and allows end-to-end process optimization. With the company's products, it is possible to increase various metrics, including revenue, capacity, and resource utilization,
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Optum Insight connects the health care system with trusted services and analytics to make clinical, administrative and financial processes simpler and more efficient. We apply advanced data, technology and clinical expertise within the flow of decision-making to improve the entire health care experience.
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Pegasys Medical ™ is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence company in the Perioperative space. Our revolutionary ORion™ surgical optimization platform performs augmented data analysis using proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms and provides unique decision support tools to hospitals around the country. Our company's intensive computational modeling and proprietary AI optimization engines provide never-before-seen predictive data analytics to help ORs & SPDs achieve significant financial savings and workflow efficiencies. Our novel '1-2-3' approach requires little to no resources and no complex IT system interfaces - you can be up and running in a matter of hours. ORion™ only requires a Wi-Fi connection!
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ReadySet Surgical's cloud-based solution increases workflow efficiencies and reduces implant vendor spend for bill-only cases. It provides needed visibility and actionable insights into the entire vendor-managed inventory process.
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SIPS Consults is a consulting agency that provides certified and experienced personnel for Central Sterile, Materials Management and OR departments nationwide. SIPS provides experienced Technicians, Supervisors, Interim-Managers, Educators, Directors and Consultants. Those in the know, know SIPS Consults!
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Skyline Medical's STREAMWAY® System is an FDA-cleared, surgical fluid disposal device that virtually eliminates operating room workers' exposure to potentially infectious surgical fluids. The STREAMWAY® System collects, measures and disposes of surgical waste fluids resulting in improved OR safety and efficiency while reducing the environmental impact found with traditional canisters.
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Skytron provides safe and efficient healthcare solutions delivered through a local representative network that values long-term relationships and comprehensive service. Focused on providing the highest quality solutions while delivering the lowest cost of ownership, we prioritize transparency and accountability in our actions. To learn more, visit our website at www.skytron.com.
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SpendMend has been the leading provider of cost-savings solutions in the healthcare industry. SpendMend works to expose dark data in the cost cycle and optimize costs in meaningful and collaborative
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Sterile Processing Express, LLC (SPDx) operates freestanding processing facilities to provide sterilization and logistics services to ASCs and hospitals. We specialize in processing total joint vendor trays to create more revenue capacity for the ASCs and better asset turn rates for the medical device manufacturers.
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STERIS SPM delivers software solutions for managing the demands of the modern sterile processing department. The industry leader, SPM's portfolio of products addresses all aspects of the sterile processing function.
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Founded in 1922 in Tuttlingen, Germany, BERCHTOLD Corporation designs, manufactures, implements and supports advanced surgical solutions including SUPERSUITE® Custom Surgical Environments, CHROMOPHARE® Surgical Lights, TELETOM® Equipment Management Systems, TABLEGARD Patient Care System and OPERON® Surgical Tables. For more information, visit BERCHTOLD at www.berchtold.biz.
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A Perioperative centered staffing agency, providing exceptional skill when needed the most.
Symmetric Health Solutions is a software company for healthcare supply chain data. Hundreds of hospitals as well as regulatory agencies and ERP's rely on our software to automate processes and improve the bottom-line!
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TrackCore serves more than 1,000 hospitals with its industry leading software that fully incorporates all implant categories including tissue, implant, bill-only, and explanted devices.
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Vizient, Inc., the nation's largest member-driven healthcare performance improvement company, serves more than 60% of the nation's acute care providers, which includes 97% of the nation's academic medical centers, and more than 20% of ambulatory care providers. Vizient provides expertise, analytics and advisory services, as well as a contract portfolio.
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Xenocor has designed the World's first single-use laparoscope platform called the Saberscope, to address the challenges with workflow, high costs, risks and waste associated with traditional reusable laparoscopic video platforms.
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