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What Is A Minor In Guitar file_put_contents(\'./new-a.txt\', $txt2);wearing a red dress glamorous woman, toward the golden robe youth cold voice said. Obviously, this pedestrian should be the people of Feng family. She is the daughter of the patriarch of my family. Li Tianyu side of the Feng Xia whispered. Li Tianyu heard a slight nod, this is called the dancing woman, repair at least reached the Great of the environment, it seems that Phoenix is far stronger than he imagined. Even a foreign family patriarch s daughter, there is the cultivation of the Great, not to mention those real Phoenix Bird. Oh, if we have to enter it Golden robe youth sneer again, open again. Yes, since I am coming today, I will never go back empty. Another young take it easy chords man wearing a black robe, also said coldly. Feng dance, even Fengxi in this, but also stopped us, see phase, then they will be open. The opening of the people, is a head of the long horns of the young man. Chapter eight hundred and sixty one chapter god god Fengxi Jinhan, Ao Heng, Fan Hao, Feng Qi Shan is my ancestors of the Phoenix family, you better not too presumptuous. Fung Mo looked coldly three, opening Road. What about what is a minor in guitar it Wearing a golden robe, wearing a golden crown of the Golden Han indifferent smile, said. Fung Mo, we come today, is to see Fengxi, unless she personally come to, otherwise, we must set foot on Fengqi Mountain. Wearing a black robe Fan Hao, also said opening. I have heard Fengxi interested in recruiting husband and wife, only day and night came to Fengqi mountain, you now do not let us in, in the end is what Head of the long corner of the Ao Heng, said Fengsheng cold voice. You are too presumptuous, and Fengxi goddess had said, to recruit husband husband. Heard the words of the three, Feng dance face sank, then cold siege. Feng family goddess Fengxi Li Tianyu standing in the crowd, Moulu strange color. Although he has not seen this Phoenix goddess Fengxi, or even the first time heard, but let these young Junjie, so crazy come together, presumably absolutely have its what is a minor in guitar extraordinary place. Hundreds of simple chords young people, all the repair is not low, at least they are the existence of imperial environment, especially Jinhan, Fan Hao, Ao Heng three, it is reached the imperial environment. These guys really do not know the so called, Fengxi goddess is how they can covet. Fengxia cold whisper soon. Is it true that your goddess is going to recruit a husband Eyes turned, Li Tianyu asked Feng Xia asked. No, Fengxi goddess peerless, regardless of face or qualification, are crowned contemporary, who can be worthy of her. F.

uss a fair. I already know that, on the what is a minor in guitar Lin family and the dragon of the grudges, from now on, they write off, you are not allowed to Lin family of people hands, and if the future Lin family encounter a crisis, you must also help each other. Ao Yu s eyes look to the dragon and other ancestors and other dragon, slowly opening and said If I know, you later dare to violate Lin, without little friends hands, I will personally shot you all kill, Virtual dragon brought disaster. Heard Ao Yu s words, Jinlong ancestors and those Dragon, are exposed stunned color. They did not think that long ancestors would say so. Originally, they thought that the dragon will kill Li Tianyu, and then destroy the whole forest family, but how did not think that the result will be the case. In this way, they can not only find Lin family revenge, but also at all costs to protect the Lin family. This is not to say that the whole dragon have become Lin s guard Moreover, if the Lin family of their shot, they can not even fight back. Little friends, but also satisfied Eyes turned, Ao Yu toward Li Tianyu smiled and asked. Not satisfied. Li Tianyu is shaking his head Road. With Li Tianyu s voice down, all people look a lag, which is not satisfied Lin family camp in those people, as well as those in the distance of the major forces of the emperor strong, are with eccentric look at Li Tianyu. Ao Yu sentence, so that the whole dragon have become Lin s guard. It can be said that Lin from then on, it became the whole earth, and even the entire sky the most powerful family forces, even the nine temple, I am afraid it is difficult to have with the Dragon family to help Lin compared. However, Li Tianyu also said that dissatisfied, they d really want to know, Li Tianyu want to do what extent, he will be satisfied. I do what is a minor in guitar not know how to be satisfied with friends Ao Yu is still smiling looking at Li Tianyu, opening Road. I want half of the resources of the Dragon, plus your drop of fine blood. Li Tianyu slowly opening Road. Human, you are guitar chords easy presumptuous. Jinlong ancestors heard this, can not help but burst into tears, face ugly incomparable. If he is not Li Tianyu s opponent, I am afraid he has already shot the broken pieces of the million. Other those Dragon, are also what is a minor in guitar very ugly face to see, look to Li Tianyu s eyes, are also full of sharp to kill Italy. To the other half of the dragon resources, they can also accept, as long as the preservation of the Dragon, the resources will be available. But they will never allow, the other side so hu., the rapid spread of the sky away. Xianqi the emergence of both Terran or Gu Ling family, or Yaozu, there are those special ancient, have been a great advantage. To know that six months ago, even in the entire sky on the mainland, the presence of imperial environment, but also not many, and the strong side of the environment, it is extremely rare. However, a short period of six months, but let the number of imperial environment, at least to enhance the times, and Dili, the same is true. Especially those who live do not know how many years old antique, although before their repair has been stuck in a certain state, can not break, but they never gave up practice. Xianqi appeared, they endless years of accumulation, and finally broke out, to enhance the speed, can be described as leaps and bounds. There are those real genius, such as the major forces of the world of heaven, is simply changing with each passing day. It can be said that the sky is continent, ushered in a magnificent wave of magnificent world At the same time, one after another of the powerful forces, but also mushroomed constantly emerging. In six months before the existence of Dili, especially the emperor and the ancient emperor, what is a minor in guitar almost all hard to see, belong to the legend of the existence, but now, has become the main force of the major forces. Of course, the nine temple, still standing in the sky at the peak of the continent. But, compared with the past, the overall strength but I do not know how many times to enhance. Even the most common members, but also have the great environment of the repair, and those in the high level, but also has the Emperor and the ancient emperor of the repair. And even rumors, nine temple, the what is a minor in guitar emergence of the existence of God. At this point, in a sanctuary of a restaurant, Li Tianyu sitting there, while pouring from the drink, while finishing digestion just heard these messages. Sin, does the world really have immortality Li Tianyu heart illegal channels soon, for the fair really exist, he is more than the sky on the mainland of any one, should care and care. Because in the past world of the earth, there are too many cents on the legend, do anything they want, clouds, not old die, with heaven and earth with the sun and the moon Qi Hui. And the legend of the Jade Emperor and heaven, does this really exist Although he is now the repair and strength, do anything they want, clouds can be easily done, not even old die, but also no difficulty, but the existence of immortal, but still let him difficult.The most important thing is that his mixed yuan Kenshin, and finally broke through to the bright environment. Kim Sum of mind, let him control of the chaos Kendo, but also to enhance a level. He did not resist the other side of the attack, is to try to understand the level of Kenshin Kouling Kendo, Granville to how exactly. The results naturally did not let him down to twelve successful law as a fundamental, cohesion mixed yuan sword Italy, easy to go to the horrible punch. Means that he is now the strength, has been enough to contend with the early days of heaven. The sword of the mixed element. Immediately, Li Tianyu sword cut out, suddenly a terrible Jian Qi together out. Scoff Accompanied by a light ring, I saw the day of the forehead of the Emperor, actually more than a blood hole. His eyes, full of dare not believe, and fear of death. The next moment, his body will fall to the ground, no life Sword, heavenly front stage, dead. See this scene, almost everyone s eyes, can not help but solidified in there. Chu Mu wind and Mu Feng are also in a strong shock, the mind tremble endlessly. They did not think, only Huang Xiu repair Li Tianyu, the strength would be so terrible, easily killed a heavenly pre existence. You know, this is the heavenly territory ah, how could such a fragile Emperor to kill the Great, has been enough to make them shocked, and now Li Tianyu even killed a heavenly emperor. Gui Tian Tianjiao, really so strong Still, Li Tianyu has gone beyond the world of heaven I am afraid that only Li Tianyu himself to know why his strength will be so much as much as the twelve kinds of law to make full comprehend to the success, and mixed Yuan Jianxin also broke through the bright environment, so that he finally has the strength to compete with the Emperor The It seems that only those who kill the corpses in order to absorb their rhyme. Li Tianyu heart secretly heard, he beheaded that day after the emperor strong, found that can not be the same as before, to absorb each other s rhyme. Otherwise, the days of the territory of the rhyme, even if he can not break directly to the territory, I am afraid enough to make him at least a way to comprehend. Of course, to kill the what is a minor in guitar Emperor of the early 1000 meritorious service, he naturally got it. Turned, Li Tianyu continue to rush to those corpses, but his goal is no longer confined to the great body of the body, those days of the territory of the body, he has already had enough to deal with. Holding the mysterious iron epee, his stature constantl.

What Is A Minor In Guitar that there have been mutations, the strength is far stronger than before. Mu Tao looked solemnly said. You are all back, these cattle magic to me. Li Tianyu toward the animal husbandry and others said. He naturally can feel, in front of these cattle demons who exudes the breath, much stronger than the general saints, even the what is a minor in guitar animal husbandry, can not compete with. So he intends to deal with this dozens of alien into a puppet of the cow magic. Your Majesty, be careful. Animal husbandry Tao Li Tianyu said a sentence, then the crowd and the strong, back to the number of Baizhang. And the alien army a war, Terran Although there are casualties, but it is not great, there are still as many as tens of millions. Of course, if there is a strong emperor Li Tianyu, I am afraid they are likely to what is a minor in guitar annihilate the whole army. Roar One of the cattle demon roar heard, then blasted a punch of terror, toward Li Tianyu attacked. Black gas filled giant fist, carrying a terrible power, contains a monstrous prestige. Li Tianyu stature Yi Chan, directly toward the great fist of the cow fist welcome. Boom Accompanied by a shaking loud noise, that cattle devil s giant fist, was completely broken broken, flesh and blood spilled a place. Li Tianyu did not stop and continue to kill the cattle demon, without any accident, that cattle was his easy to kill. Then, he went to the other cattle demons killed in the past. Miserable roar, resounded through the whole world, the face of Li Tianyu s assassination, those cattle magic almost no power of resistance. And even if they can attack Li Tianyu, but can not hurt him. With the supreme pope of the Li Tianyu, coupled with the human spirit of the robes of the robe, I am afraid even the general king of the king, it may not be able to easily break his defense. too strong Although the previous scene, has let everyone know Li Tianyu s strong, but at the moment, they still can not help but tremble heart. On the ground that the accumulation of mountains of the body, but also to those strong sense of the family who are creepy, a good kill the decisive king. Read the book.nsn Follow me to conquer. Li Tianyu said in the crowd, then once again piercing away, All the people are also no hesitation, followed behind him. Fast, we quickly return to the ancestral land, must be the emperor s terror to tell the ancestors. Ray Wuji toward the side of the Lei family said. This generation of emperor is simply a madman, even really want to conquer thousands of miles. Feng Li is also quite ugly face.those who do not know how many years of blood deposition, it seems that they are imprisoned in the blood what is a minor in guitar pool. See this shocking scene, everyone felt only scalp numb, mind tremble endlessly. terrible. The crowd could not help but take a step back, they do not want these skeletons, was permanently imprisoned in the blood pool. These blood seems to contain a very evil atmosphere. Yin Xu brow slightly wrinkled, whispered. Everyone is secretly nodded, they naturally feel that this blood pool exudes the evil atmosphere. Dare not stay here, everyone has lifted the pace, continue to walk toward the depths of the mountains. what Suddenly, a scream came out, so that everyone is a pupil shrink Turned around and saw the last one was actually a group of blood fried wrapped up, breathing, flesh and blood will be swallowed up, turned into a skeleton. Then, that group of blood fog and continue to flock to another person. But also a screams sounded, the man is a title Wu Sheng, but almost no power of resistance, and instantly swallowed flesh and blood died. this is very scary. See this scene, everyone is face change. Li Tianyu is the mind Yi Chan, this group of blood mist contains what is a minor in guitar a very evil atmosphere, it is terrible, even he, there is no grasp of resistance to the fog of the invasion. Escape Everyone did not dare to have the slightest hesitation, have frantically fled in front of one by one, the speed will be pushed to the extreme. This group of fog is what is a minor in guitar so terrible, once infected, I am afraid will die. Especially those Wu Sheng, at the moment it is extremely fragile. what Screams continue to spread, Wu Sheng of the people, one by one by the blood fog swallowed flesh and blood, turned into a skull on the ground. And that group of blood fog, it seems that as a result of devouring the flesh and blood, become more and more, and even separated out of a small fog. Therefore, more and more people die in the fog. Boost. Wuhuang environment of the crowd, more crazy toward the depths of the mountains rushed to go, although they are very clear, the depths of the mountains there will be more terrible existence, but they have been unable to look back, after that is the bite of the blood fog. Only to continue forward, they can find the hope of surviving. Li Tianyu also use space power, quickly toward the front flashing away. I do not know how long to escape, everyone finally found behind the Xue Wu, has disappeared At this point, the original thousands of people, but now only less than a thousand people. As for the oth.

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